Why is our program unique

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NaukaNet has a modular design. Our program uses a full HTML5 client.

The educational use cases for NaukaNet are
* Online tutoring (one-to-one)
* Flipped classrooms (recording content ahead of your session)
* Group collaboration (many-to-many)
* Online classes (one-to-many)

NaukaNet supports:

Real-time sharing of audio, video, slides (with whiteboard controls), chat, and the screen.


multi-user whiteboard


Instructors can engage remote students with polling, emojis or importing presentation


Breakout rooms – work in groups

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Professional support team

When you purchase the service, you will receive a full instruction on how to use the program and access to many videos and descriptions of application functions. This way you will learn step by step how to teach virtual classes!

Watch the instructional videos (coming soon)


Test the program demo


For an additional fee, a full ‘face to face’ training and a sample lesson together


3 months of access to the technical support team at a price

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Invite participants or teach a lesson from any device

Whether you’re on the run or not, you can use any device that has an internet and a web browser.

The program runs on your mobile, tablet and computer


Adjust the lesson to your abilities and those of your students


Fully responsive application


A modern solution

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Features of the NaukaNet virtual class

Online Lessons

Control your class

The program has all the tools to fully control the students in the virtual classroom and maintain the pleasure of participating in lessons


A creative lesson

The program allows you to make a cardboard, play audio or video, draw on the whiteboard, distribute tasks among students and much more. Let each online lesson be different.


Easy to use

Enter a new era of digitization. Practice a few lessons and take control of the virtual lesson, see how easy it is to use this program.

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