How It Works

Online teaching system

Programmed especially for workshops! No installation needed, use recommended browsers (Chrome, Mozilla Firefox or Safari).


Room for tests

Enter the online room to test system features

  • Check your microphone
  • Allow your browser to use microphone
  • Check and test your speakers
  • Check features for workshops
  • Write something on Public Chat
  • Write something in Notes and export it

Our advantages

User experience
Support and customer service

Creating a lesson in a few steps

Check the possibilities of NaukaNet!
We will soon publish sample virtual lessons

When you learn to use our program in a few steps, think about your lesson and make the most of it! Create interesting activities, full of interactions.

On the right, a snapshot of your class management – create new classes, edit their names, register your lessons

Technical Team

- NaukaNet

Tworzenie lekcji
Wirtualna klasa

View of a lesson

Here you manage students who are online already in your classroom, now you can teach a lesson.

You have full control over the lesson as a teacher, you can mute students and delete notes, erase information from the board – you are the main moderator.

Many additional options will allow you to set and prepare the lesson, even before the lesson starts, to open the textbook visible on the screen or change the language of the lesson.

Technical Team

- NaukaNet

Creative Lesson

Open the handbook, run a card, create an interesting lesson

Import a scan of your textbook in .jpg format, or the entire textbook in .pdf format – you can write on it as well as make writing on the textbook available to all students.

Do the job together from the textbook or indicate which job is being done with the option to draw and build shapes.

Technical Team

- NaukaNet

Skan podręcznika

How to start?

Fast & Simple


01 Create an account

After paying for the package, you will receive your login data, to your command center

02 Create a class

Create your class, add a name, give restrictions - remember that they will help you to control your students

03 Invite your students

Each class has its own link generated, which you send to your students - you can send it by e-mail, social media, etc. Students can only enter the class when the teacher enters first.

04 Lesson

Start the lesson! It is up to you to decide whether the students should hear you or pass the card to the entrance, or you can release the program and share your screen.

05 Additional information

Remember to make the lesson successful, check all the possibilities of the software not to look for them during the lesson, have prepared files and video links on your computer, remember that only you can see it before you share it.

06 Control your class

You can mute each student individually, the student raises his hand if he wants to speak (click on the raise hand icon), you can also delete public notes, only you confirm the student's entry into the classroom.

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